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Research & Development

• Product formulation and optimization
(complete, complementary and dietetic pet food)

Research and processing of scientific documentation

 in support of funcional properties and claims

Technical assistance for trials

(production tests, efficacy/palatability trials, shelf-life tests,

scientific studies in partnership with Italian Universities)

Mandatory and voluntary labelling

(complete, complementary and dietetic pet food)

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Ancora R&D

Production & Quality control

Design of production lines and plants

• creation of HACCP plans and customized analyses plans

Second-party audit on suppliers

• Assistance in start-up of plants and new lines/recipes first productions

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in progetto
Ancora Prod

Marketing, sales, training

  • Creation of claim, dossier and technical-sales folder with scientific references

  • Scientific communication during events organized by companies or oriented to clients

  • Strategic consultancy for products enhancement

  • Personnel training (technicians, sellers, marketing personnel and veterinary representatives)

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Ancora Mktg
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